Interior construction Doi Thien Villa - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Interior construction Doi Thien Villa - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Project information

Flamingo Group

Flamingo Dai Lai, Ngoc Thanh Ward, Phuc Yen District, Vinh Phuc Province


Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - Top 10 most beautiful resorts on the planet, this place is famous for its original natural green color, diverse resort ecosystem, in which unique green architecture is the perfect thread connecting people with nature. nature.

There are many important factors for an interior design and construction unit to be trusted and appreciated by customers and have a firm foothold in this extremely competitive market. One of the most important factors determining the brand of an enterprise is the team of engineers - the "soul" of the whole unit.

With a team of highly experienced and professional engineers who ensure the important factors in construction, we have built a number of Flamingo Group villas such as Royal Executive Duplex villas, villas. Zen Hill 500, Villa Thien Hill 5000, public space..

The team of 3T Group engineers and staff have realized the design ideas of the Doi Thien 500 villa - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, constructing the complete package to the smallest detail to bring the perfect products. both in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Doi Thien Villa 500 is built from natural materials, this place gives visitors a fresh and quiet atmosphere, promising a perfect vacation when being surrounded by plants. With a spacious and private space, fully equipped with a combination of 5-star resort service standards, Doi Thien Villa will surely capture the hearts of customers when staying here.