Architecture design Co To Resort

Architecture design Co To Resort

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Co To Island


Co To is a special district of Quang Ninh province, including many islands off the coast. Co To Issland owns a series of beautiful beaches such as Tau Dam, Hong Van, Van Chai, Bac Van, Vom Si, Vung Ong Vien and the beach is located between the large Co To island and the small Co To island.

The investor of Co To Resort wants to exploit the unspoiled beauty of the beach while preserving and preserving natural values, providing convenient services when visitors come to this resort.

3T Group architects have designed the overall architecture to turn 2 pristine beaches here into the heart of the entire project. Co To Resort is located on a complex terrain, including many cliffs and slopes, with 2 private beaches with transparent water. Co To Resort is divided into many subdivisions depending on the terrain. The block of bungalows is scattered along the coast, a small hotel is placed on the top of the slope, a restaurant - an event venue is located on a flat land and the villas are arranged around the hillside to make the most of it. overlooking the sea.

With the wild beauty of nature along with the resort's facilities, Co To Resort is definitely a place to attract domestic and foreign tourists!