Interior design Vong Thi Villa

Interior design Vong Thi Villa

Project information

Mr. Phong

Vong Thi Warrd, Tay Ho Distict, Hanoi

530 m2


Townhouses are the type of adjacent and concentrated housing that are popular in urban areas. Townhouses are built right at the planned roads, commercial and service areas, where densely populated, convenient traffic and developed economy.

Mr. Phong, the owner of a townhouse in Vong Thi, Tay Ho, Hanoi - which is considered as the diamond of the capital with a total area of 530 m2 requires a multi-functional integrated space design to bring a sense of spaciousness. Spacious, airy and helps make the most of natural light for the house.

There are many design styles to meet the requirements of investors, but 3T Group architects have chosen a contemporary style to design the interior of the house. Because the contemporary style balances between straight lines, sculptural elements, art and bold colors, creating a feeling of comfort and spaciousness while also showing the class of the owner.

The main interior materials used are natural stone, natural walnut wood, Laminate-coated industrial wood, Acrylic, Laminate-coated Picomat wood...