Interior design Viet Tri Villa

Interior design Viet Tri Villa

Project information

Tu Lap Construction Co., Ltd

Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province

170 m2

3 stories


Neoclassic interior design is characterized by sophisticated and highly artistic decorative details. The combination of soft curves and graceful curves have combined to create a luxurious, noble and splendid interior design.

This villa has a special highlight, which is the decorative moldings running from the floor to the ceiling and surrounding each architectural element are plated with splendid gold, showing the beauty of nobility and equality. provide for the owner's living space

Furniture and materials in this style usually made from high-quality materials such as wood, granite, leather, felt… They are meticulously crafted to bring shine and elegance to the space. The sofa set is the highlight of the living room with its large size, glossy leather and curved arch arms and intricately carved edges. These decorative details are hand-crafted in a very sophisticated way, inspired by the geometric shapes of the zebra, flowers in nature with high artistic quality, with a synchronicity in style.

Neoclassic bedroom design is to create a relaxing space to relax on a different level, which can be thought of like ancient kings. Gentle warm colors bring comfort, soft and delicate curves make the space even more elegant and luxurious. The giant chandelier continues to be the detail that contributes to the space's shine.