Interior design Doan Ket Villa

Interior design Doan Ket Villa

Project information

Mrs Huong

Doan Ket Village, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

530 m2


Among the many styles villa interior design the contemporary style is loved by many people because of the convenience they bring to the living space. The novelty and liberality in expression has made many people love the contemporary style and decide to choose it when building their homes.

Mrs. Huong – Villa Investor is located in the villa area of Doan Ket Village, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, this is a busy neighborhood, likened to a diamond of the capital. Mrs. Huong has chosen a contemporary interior design style for her home.

The interior of the villa is designed relatively simply but delicately and is made up of straight lines, shapes or extremely bold colors. Main interior materials: natural stone, natural walnut wood, laminate coated industrial wood, veneer... All patterns and design lines, smooth decorative surfaces, few details but outstanding luxury, nobility, showing the class of the owner.