Interior design BT60 Starlake Villa

Interior design BT60 Starlake Villa

Project information

Mr Cuong & Mrs. Loan

Starlake Urban Area, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

540 m2

4-story villa


This villa is a combination of two main colors white - brown, this is a color combination that creates a luxurious space but still creates a warm and comfortable feeling for the owner. The furniture along with the color of the upholstery fabric, the cream-colored curtains in the same tone create a subtle harmony of the space.

The living room space is filled with light with large glass windows, allowing homeowners to fully enjoy the natural beauty outside. The 2-layer curtains both help to purify the light, avoid the hot sun, and help the room become more discreet when needed. The villa's interior layout is a reasonable calculation, ensuring functionality but still airy, succinct. The design of the living room with the kitchen is convenient for living.

Reasonable furniture arrangement helps the kitchen to become spacious and airy. The kitchen is compactly designed with built-in kitchen cabinets.