General construction contractor of Vinh Hung Villa

General construction contractor of Vinh Hung Villa

Project information

Mr. Viet

Vinh Hung Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

855 m2

4-story villa


Wanting to change a part of the current living space, the owner of Vinh Hung villa has entrusted the 3T Group Company with tasks from architectural design, interior design, construction.

The team of architects of 3T Group have tried very hard to keep the core values and good memories of the family with the house that has been attached for decades, but still have to blow a new breath to make the house become a new home. should be modern and functional to suit the current needs of the homeowner.

The villa is located on an area of ​​more than 700m2, with a spacious yard, garden and private entrance. A part of the garden area around the villa is designed with a 5-room church according to ancient architecture. Behind the villa, an additional house was built to be used as a common living space for the family. The lake, paved path and surrounding trees will enhance the beauty of the villa as well as the outdoor space of the building.