General construction contractor of Van An Office Building

General construction contractor of Van An Office Building

Project information

Cooperative Chemical Enterprise, Equipment, Transport Service

Vinh Hoang Urban Area, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

1283 m2

10-story building


Van An Office Building is located on the main road surface of Vinh Hoang Urban Area, evaluated for convenient traffic, synchronous general technical infrastructure system. However, this is an unfinished construction, abandoned and unused for a long time, leading to some changes in the installed items and equipment.

3T Group Vietnam Company, trusted by the Investor, received this project and carried out the design and renovation work of Van An Office Building. We have surveyed the current status of the work and have assessed the following: Regarding the structure, the work using reinforced concrete frame system is still quite stable, ensuring sustainability for renovation and continued use. However, the floor of the house has subsided quite a lot, it is necessary to strengthen the structure and re-tiling. The architecture of the building is considered to be quite old, does not guarantee the aesthetics of the type of work, the items under construction or being completed over time have been seriously degraded. Other items such as electricity, light electricity, water supply and drainage, fire protection, ... with the old design calculations are no longer suitable for the present time.

The architects of 3T conceptualized, designed and renovated the Van An Office Building to turn an unfinished, degraded building into a modern, comfortable and suitable building.