Architecture & Interior Design The Whale City Villas

Architecture & Interior Design The Whale City Villas

Project information

Tuan Dung Trading Group Co., Ltd

Hai An Ward, Nghi Sơn Town, Thanh Hoa Province

16.627 m2

22,9 ha


Inspired by the dance of the large, peaceful and majestic whale, a legendary creature of the sea, a symbol of ocean vitality, The Whale City is an architectural masterpiece with a mission to become become a future symbol of tourism and the land of Thanh Hoa.

Rich nature, indigenous culture, and quintessential people are flexible materials that contribute to creating futuristic and unique dance at The Whale City. Each project, each house, each line or detail lets us clearly feel the rhythms and wonderful breath of life.

Life from nature surrounds,

Life comes from human interactions,

Life comes from the cultural flow and unique indigenous river lifestyle.