Architecture & Interior design BT31 Starlake Villa

Architecture & Interior design BT31 Starlake Villa

Project information

Mr. Tien Anh

Starlake Urban Area, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

410 m2

3,5-story villa


Starlake Villa - Center of Tay Ho Tay Urban Area - Starlake Hanoi project is evaluated by Hanoi Department of Planning and Architecture as the most beautiful location, feng shui and is the place where the Government chooses to place the pillars. Headquarters of Ministries, Departments, Diplomatic Corps, national cultural works, making Starlake become the new administrative center of Hanoi.

The BT-31 villa has been designed by the architects of 3T Group in a modern, luxurious, classy and civilized style, giving the owner a high-class and upper-class life right next door. the beautiful West Lake.