Architecture design Thach Ban Lakeview Cafe

Architecture design Thach Ban Lakeview Cafe

Project information

Truong Hai Thaco Group

Long Bien District, Hanoi

1.000 m2

The coffee shop business model is growing day by day, the number of cafes is increasing day by day – especially in big cities. That competition requires business people to focus on investing in all aspects - from the quality of drinks, the layout of the space, and especially the overall architecture for their space.

The design of the restaurant's architecture is a prerequisite factor, influencing the style of the restaurant. An impressive cafe architecture will be a frequent destination for customers. The architectural design project of Thach Ban Lakeview Cafe was designed by 3T Group architects in a modern style, airy space, close to nature, friendly to the environment. The coffee park consists of 1 - 2 - 3 service areas that are connected to each other, but each zone has its own full service function.

The building is tiled, creating a rustic feeling, close to nature. The system of brilliant drop lights, combined with glass wall materials and green trees, becomes a highlight that attracts visitors from the main road to the park in the evening. Thach Ban Lakeview Cafe will definitely be the destination of customers who love romance and cool space.