Architecture design Quy Nhon Resort Villa

Architecture design Quy Nhon Resort Villa

Project information

In order to attract domestic and foreign tourists, the architectural overview of the resort villa needs to meet the open, airy living space, blending in with nature. The society is developing so that the quality of life of people is also increasingly improved, utility villas that meet all resort needs will help you and your family enjoy, rest and relax. .

Qui Nhon Resort Villa is the owner of the ideal resort, a second home to experience long vacations to regain energy, nourish the soul and health of the owner after busy days.

The investor asked 3T Group architect to design and build a resort villa with a garden with a modern and youthful style but still optimize the resort space to the maximum, strong geometric blocks. Large, airy glass doors overlooking the sea.

If you have the opportunity to come to Qui Nhon, please stay at Qui Nhon Resort Villa to enjoy the most convenient, peaceful and comfortable moments.