Architecture design Lac Thuy Shopping Mall

Architecture design Lac Thuy Shopping Mall

Project information

Hoa Binh Province

Lac Thuy Shopping Mall is a midland district located in the southeast of Hoa Binh Province. This land has a favorable geographical position, favorable nature, many important traffic routes pass through such as: Ho Chi Minh road, national highway system, connecting provincial roads... Lac Thuy Shopping Mall – Hoa Binh Province is considered as one of the most prominent commercial centers in Hoa Binh.

The idea of the investor is to design a beautiful, modern, and convenient shopping center with optimal convenience in terms of shopping, entertainment, cuisine, etc., fully meeting current commercial center design standards. great of the world. At the request of the investor, the architects of 3T Group have planned the optimal design to form a complex of shopping centers and supermarket services with many utilities.

When seeing the design of Lac Thuy Shopping Mall, the "investor" highly appreciated the architecture and interior. Overview of the model architecture Lac Thuy Shopping Mall completely meets the standards of modern commercial center design, in order to serve shopping and consumption needs  of a large number of residents in Hoa Binh Province. The function of the commercial center is optimized and divided into separate functional areas such as: Garage, technical operation area, display areas products, food, entertainment area, toilet, elevator...