Architecture design Garden Coffee

Architecture design Garden Coffee

Project information

Mr. Ha

Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province

1.556 m2

3 stories


Garden coffee has long been a rendezvous for those who love tranquility and romance. With a spacious space, a total floor area of 1.556 m2, 3 stories and airy filled with natural colors, Coffee garden becomes an ideal place for everyone's soul to relax after stressful working hours...

The open garden part combines waterfalls and stone slabs to create a charming landscape, perhaps this is the place to give Coffee garden a lyrical perspective.

Coffee garden is a harmonious simulation and combination of world famous architectural works condensed in a romantic and poetic space. Trees make people's souls feel smoother, lakes make people's hearts cooler in the summer sun. The beauty is expressed through the simplest things, the green color of the trees, the fresh scent of the water...