Architecture design Dong Hoi Villa

Architecture design Dong Hoi Villa

Project information

Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province

850 m2


When compared with the current types of housing architecture, the villa is the work that is focused on investment, architectural design, and more luxurious interior. Because with the utility villa architecture, it not only brings convenience to the owner but also affirms a stylish and classy living space.

A green space - fresh of nature in the early morning wake up. These feelings are found in a friendly home for a family of 5 nature-loving people in Dong Hoi City.

The owner of the Villa in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province is a middle-aged business couple who wants to design a comfortable, modern, close-to-nature living space with open spaces but still ensure the comfort of their customers. privacy of individuals.

3T Group architects have designed an overview of Dong Hoi Villa architecture as a villa with the criterion "House in the garden - garden in the house", a resort space in the heart of the city. The open spaces combined with green areas help family members and nature always blend together, always interacting with each other.

The spaces are connected to each other through a lake in the center of the house. The lake regulates "naturally", helping to reduce the heat from the southwest wind when blowing into the house. The sophistication in the design has made the house both ventilation and natural light, while helping to maintain the necessary privacy.