Architecture design Apatit Vietnam Headquarters

Architecture design Apatit Vietnam Headquarters

Project information

Apatit Vietnam Co., Ltd

Tran Hung Dao Avenue, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province


The headquarters of Apatit Vietnam Co., Ltd. is designed and built on Tran Hung Dao Boulevard, which is the most beautiful street in Lao Cai city. The office area of Apatit Company plays a great role for the urban face of Lao Cai city in general and for Apatit Vietnam Company in particular.

When building the office block, Apatit Vietnam Company combined with 3T Group to design and deploy the overall landscape item outside the house to increase the harmony between the architecture of the office area and the landscape. around. Raise the scale of the project to match the large and modern works along the axis of Tran Hung Dao Avenue, bringing a modern urban appearance and contributing to the rapid development of the City.

3T Group architects took the iconic design theme of Apatit Vietnam company, showing gratitude to the previous and current generation of mining workers. The harmony in the overall design of the landscape and office block architecture creates an impressive highlight for the project on Tran Hung Dao Boulevard.