Architecture design 4-star Nam Dinh Smart Hotel

Architecture design 4-star Nam Dinh Smart Hotel

Project information

TNH Hospitality Management and Investment Co., Ltd

Nam Dinh City, Nam Dinh Province

7.371 m2


As the opening project in its smart hotel project chain, the investor places a lot of expectations and enthusiasm in Nam Dinh Smart Hotel. Located in the center of Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh Smart Hotel  has a very nice location with 4 facades and the main view towards the Cho Rong building where the city's busy trade and commerce is located.

Nam Dinh Smart Hotel has a scale of 1 basement, 15 floors, with a block of rooms with 80 rooms,

The investor requested 3T Group architects to design the hotel architecture not only to ensure the quality of modern room service but also to integrate many different uses, such as the office block of the existing bank. , kiosk block, rental space,...

3T Group architects have been sophisticated in the overall architectural design of the hotel, solving the problem posed. The hotel is a logical and cleverly arranged traffic chain, the uses are separate and do not conflict with each other.

The advantage of 4 facades with unique architectural shapes Nam Dinh Smart Hotel not only ensures the view from the inside, but also ensures the functions and utilities of the service areas. Nam Dinh Smart Hotel is an outstanding architectural highlight of Nam Dinh city.