Architecture design 4-star Kieu Anh Ocean View Hotel

Architecture design 4-star Kieu Anh Ocean View Hotel

Project information

Kieu Anh Tourism Private Enterprise

No. 69 Thuy Van Avenue, No.2 Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

13.776 m2

20 stories & 2 basements


Today's hotel is not simply a place to stay and relax, but a business form of "architectural aesthetics" that is attracting a lot of attention. Many investors do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of money to invest in their "brainchild" which is not only perfect in terms of service quality but also attracts viewers right from the overall architecture.

3T Group Joint Stock Company is an architectural design unit trusted by the investor to cooperate, implements the architectural design project of a 4-star Kieu Anh Ocean View Hotel with 200 single and double rooms and 5 centers senior conference. This is a hotel design that is highly appreciated for its comfort, luxury and modernity, which has just been opened to welcome visitors in December.

Architect design solutions 3T Group provide to ensure requirements and reasonable use for public blocks (restaurants, coffee shops, swimming pools) and bedroom blocks, avoiding overlapping traffic, convenient for serving guests.

Public block from semi-basement to 4th floor includes: reception hall, office, kitchen, restaurant, Gym & Yoga, bonus game area, meeting room,... Bedroom block from 5th floor to 17th floor includes Including: hotel rooms of all kinds, VIP rooms of all kinds.

We use a luxurious design style, making the most of natural light. Open contact and friendly with the natural environment. With a unique, convenient and high-class architecture, Kieu Anh Ocean View Hotel will certainly be the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists when visiting the coastal city of Ba Ria - Vung Tau.